DJ Info

If you are new READ THIS PAGE FIRST!

Follow these steps to get on the radio.
Put this into your encoder.

Encoder Type: MP3
Server: Icecast v2
Format: 192kbps/44.1 kHz, Stereo
PORT: 8000
Password: thatfeelwhen
(If your software asks for a username it’s always source)
Mount: /test.mp3

***If you’re using loopstream when you first setup the program it will ask you for a “share key”. Use this to automatically input all the info for the test stream. ##cs#H4sIAAAAAAAEADMwMDBQyC0tScwrKUpMyczXLUktLuECEXpIonr5RelcFkClXMX5pUXJqVwlGYklaampOeUZqXlcOZllqQAKXaJGSAAAAA==##

Tune in here to see if your shit is working:

Once everything is working properly you are ready to hop on the main stream. All info for the main stream is the same as the test except for the mount (/live.mp3) and password. Hop in chat and ask an OP for the stream password and voice.

Everything is controlled through IRC. Get on the IRC channel and type !djon. Then connect your encoder to the stream.
You have to be voice (+v) in the channel for this to work.

To set a thread type !thread (thread number)
You can also set a DJ image to show up on the site by typing !djpic (url to picture here)
The DJ pictures are connected to whatever nick you are on when you set the picture.

STEP 3.5 Once you are done with your show DISCONNECT YOUR ENCODER FIRST then type !djoff

IRC Commands

!djon – Turns off the playlist and starts your show (must be voice in the channel)
!djoff – Starts the playlist back up and stops your show
!thread – Shows the current thread if one is specified when you go on
!thread (number) – Sets a new thread (must be voice in the channel)
!topic – Lets you set a topic in the channel (must be OP in the channel)
!djpic (url to picture) - Lets you set a picture to show up on the site when you DJ (no lewd pics pls)
!djreset – If a DJ leaves and forgets to stop their show this will reset the stream back to playlist (must be OP in the channel)