The shape of /mu/tant radio to come

September 29, 2013 by tide

So I finally got off my drunk ass and fucked around with the site. After somehow managing to not break anything I implemented the "Recently Playing" and "Coming Up" section that will show the last 3 songs played and the next 3 songs coming up in the playlist. However, this will only work when the playlist is on so now when DJs go on they have the option of typing in a little bit about their show which will show up in place of the Recently Playing section. Also, per Headbuddy's suggestion, we now have a account that scrobbles EVERYTHING we play. So no more wondering what played past 10 songs ago. Some more things I'm working on include a whole new request system (this is a long way off) including the ability to search and rate tracks and a complete recoding of the DJ Schedule since no one ever uses it anymore. I'm also still adding music to the playlist so keep adding things you want to see on that google doc linked in the post below. AND WE STILL NEED DJS! If you want to DJ don't hesitate to install SAM or whatever and hop on the radio. Even if you don't have a mic or don't want to talk that's fine. Just play some music. That's about it for now. Oh also, now that DLB is dead there is a new project called "Saturday's Collaborative Electric". I'm not too involved in it at the moment but you can hop on IRC and check the google doc in the topic for more details.