Making progress

November 3, 2013 by tide

We have several new features to talk about so I'll try and make this breif. NEW SERVER - First of all as i'm sure you all are aware we have officially switched over to our self-hosted icecast server. After a couple weeks of stress testing and it seems to be holding up. This means we also support the loopstream client, a nice little program developed by our friends over at r/a/dio. If you were trying to get setup to DJ but never could get your shit working properly, give this a program a try. It has a really helpful guide to get your soundcard working with the stream. NEW REQUEST SYSTEM - Next, I have upgraded the playlist software to the new PHP based request system. This allows us to do many more things with the playlist like song ratings (which I'll explain later), adding new music to the playlist (which I'll explain later), and searching the database instead of having to go through each letter like the old system. The search is a little broken right now so when you do a search instead of using spaces use the underscore. Let's say you're searching for The Beach Boys. You would do the search as "The_Beach_Boys". You can search by artist, track title or album. Try it out! SONG RATINGS - This one's a biggie as it will effect the song's rotation in the playlist. Below the now playing on the main page and the web player you will find a 5 start rating system. You can only rate each track ONCE per IP. After a track receives 5 ratings it will begin to effect it's rotation on the playlist. The higher a song is rated the more it will be played. The lower a song is rated the less it will be played. ADDING SONGS - Finally comes the ability to add songs to the playlist, a feature that has been requested for a very long time. For now you can upload songs on a PER song basis. I'm working on a way to upload multiple songs at once. There are a few rules to what you can upload. Check the upload page for more on that. After you upload your song it will be placed in a moderation queue to be reviewed before being added to the playlist. For now I will be the only one adding songs when I get a chance. I am currently working on an admin page where mods can login and review and add songs as well.