Introducing pleblist

June 13, 2014 by tide

Next week I will be out of town which means I will be taking my laptop (and the /mu/tant radio playlist) along with me. This means that for the next week you will be stuck with "pleblist". Pleblist is playlist's younger brother who is a total pleb and listens exclusively to dadrock and top 40 radio. He is a collection of assorted mp3 files that were probably downloaded off of various P2P programs back in the early 2000's, put on shuffle and streamed to the radio. Lucky for you I have included a new request page where you can see what's on pleblist and request stuff to save yourself from the My Chemical Romance or AC/DC that's bound to play if you don't. Normal playlist will return Friday. Enjoy! Also Cal is coming along with me on the trip. He'll be back Friday as well.