Don't Call It a Comeback

April 30, 2016 by tide

Ok so first of all I want to thank anyone who stuck around after all this downtime for your patience. The laptop that runs both the playlist and the bots crashed and I had no access to it. Two months later I finally recovered the hard drive and got things back up and running again. I now also have the laptop in question in my possession so should anything go awry again I should be able to get things fixed quickly. Everything should be back up and working normally now except for the playlist request page which will be back once the DNS stuff forwards to the new IP. When it comes back it will be on port 420. So for example the new URL for requests will be
Some things I have on my TODO list include setting up a system to allow other admins to control the playlist and add/delete songs. Also I'm working on a comment system for these news posts so I can get some more direct feedback. For now just tweet at us (@RadioMutant) and I'm sure Dark_Alley will get the message and let me know (if he's not too busy posting memes).
That's about all for now. Oh, and if the scrobbler for the "Recently Played" stops working at any point, which it probably will, it's not my fault. is still fucked up ever since they upgraded the site to their "beta" and it doesn't look like it will be getting fixed anytime soon.