May 11, 2016 by tide

Today I am saddened to bring you the news of the passing of our beloved IRC bot Cal. He sat in the IRC chatroom for many years providing us with great friendship and laughter. Me he rest in pieces.
Also that brings us to the (temporary) death of the playlist (once again) as it was hosted on the same laptop as Cal. Luckily it looks like I was able to recover all the mp3 files that were hosted on the laptop and I'm working on finding a new machine to replace the old laptop. Not sure yet of an ETA when it will be back up and running like normal but the radio server is still up and running so feel free to hop on and do a show.
Also I forgot to mention that yesterday, May 10th, was the 3rd anniversary of /mu/tant radio. Sucks that I have to bring you that news under such shitty circumstances but hey, here's to 3 more years!

http://i.imgur.com/16H9Hv3.jpg ;_;