Not Dead Yet! (We're back AGAIN)

July 10, 2017 by tide

It seems this radio station will not die no matter how hard it tries. Since we first went online back in May of 2013, we have had constant problems ranging from hardware failure to hacking to me just not paying hosting bills when I'm supposed to because I'm broke as fuck.
Anyhow, first off a big thank you is in order to Celestaphone for providing the funds necessary to get us back online. Thank you. Seriously.
A few other things to mention... The reason for the outage this time was not only just lack of hosting funds but also the machine I used to host the playlist and bot completely shit out on me and had to be replaced. Luckily I found a nice little Dell Optiplex and after a few tweaks and RAM upgrades it was all ready to go. It is also using the hard drive from the old playlist laptop that died awhile ago so everything should be back to the way it was about a year ago.
Another thing to mention, to save on monthly hosting costs I am also now hosting the icecast server on the playlist machine. The new link to the server is at but you should still be able to use the same m3u listen link like always. Hopefully my bandwidth will be able to handle it but if the stream buffers more often than usual now you know why. If it gets too bad I may need to find a replacement.
That's about all for now. Enjoy the site while it's online as I'm sure something will inevitably happen to take us offline for a few months sometime in the near future.
EDIT: also enjoy /mu/chella!